About Us


Henry Harvin Education is a distinguished and amongst global few Competency Development Organization, offering focused Learning Solutions those cater to diverse audience from industry and academics. We bring forward select learning solutions those are deemed essentials of changing times. Our learning solutions are a derivative of Competency Research conducted by gathering many inputs and millions of data points from across geographies, industries, functions and domain. These inputs and data points are then compared using complex analytics with need and market data to identify what learning solutions can cultivate distinguished professionals of the time. The translation of this research to delivery offering also is a cautious choice where our experts brainstorm and challenge with peers, competition and worlds consulting firms to conclude right fitment. Further to this our CDO function is responsible to bring best of the world delivery assurance. We partner with best in industry to ensure high quality of subject delivery. The norm here is to ensure depth in subject knowledge, experience and capability!.

We chose competency as the need of future for a simple reason – unless what u do is correctly done, you are not empowered to grow further. First need thus arises to excel in current space and strive to be second to none!

Our clientele itself forms our testimony of being benefitted in career, being able to contribute better and many could demonstrate million dollar savings by roleplaying in varied performance improvement initiatives.


Individuals those have embraced competency as key parameter while choosing learning solution has excelled 2X compared to those undergoing mere trainings

Leadership Development.

Few factors have such a direct impact on an organization's long-term growth and success as the quality of its leadership. According to their managers, participants in Lean Six Sigma based improvement programs show 35% performance improvement within just two months.

Learning Agility

is a top predictor of high potential. It is estimated that just 15% of the global workforce are highly Competent. We can help you identify and develop this crucial growth attribute.

Henry Harvin found companies with highly Competent executives have 25% higher profit margins than their peer group.

Executives with high levels of learning agility, tolerance for ambiguity, empathy and social fluidity are five times more likely to be highly engaged.
Individuals with high learning agility are promoted twice as fast as individuals with low learning agility.

Our Clients

of our clientele are middle to senior executives from diverse industries.

of our clientele are students from engineering, mgmt., hospitality, medical, finance streams
Nearly 57% of Our participants have undertaken performance improvement projects for various corporates brining undisputed financial savings and bottom line gains.
During fiscal 2014,
80% of our engagements were on behalf of repeat clients for whom we had conducted assignments in the previous three years.